As part of animal-assisted therapy, we offer the possibility of self-discovery in small groups.


 Do you need support, entertainment or advice because you feel tired and exhausted? Do you have questions about bringing up your children or do you need help in making an important decision? Would you like to improve your communication or '' experience yourself '' and get to know yourself better? Would you like to develop yourself personally or improve your special skills? Are you in a crisis and looking for ways to cope with everything? You have traumatic experiences and want to work on it.


Then you are exactly right with us.

We launched EQUI COACH so that


  • You get to know yourself better
  • You get more contact with your own body
  • You will find more acceptance for yourself
  • You train your perception
  • You can try out new forms of communication
  • You can just relax and let go

In an atmosphere of acceptance and authenticity, EQUI COACH offers the opportunity to deal intensively with your body and mindset.

Together with our horses we start a new adventure to ourselves ­čśŐ

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always including accommodation and meals!