About us

It took a long time. Very long. For over three years we were looking for a property in which we could realize our dream. Our search originally started in northern Italy, then over to the Marche and now we have landed in Abruzzo. Here we found where we no longer had to compromise. Neither the location, nor the connection or the structure of the building gave cause for complaint.

And then we just started. We designed everything according to a very simple principle: do everything as we would like it to be on vacation!

After almost 10 years here in Italy, we have specialized above all in individual travelers who are looking for something special.

The riding part takes up an ever larger part of our offer. Our guests really appreciate the species-appropriate keeping and the good training of our horses.

Continuous further training, now also in the coaching sector, allows us to put together an individual program for any horse-related issue.

If you are looking for the authentic, then you have found the right place.



Please do not hesitate to contact us!